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# 437

Gaia Diptych: Savanna

by Silvana LaCreta Ravena

24" x 36" x 0" | Mixed Media on Arches Paper | $1,600.00



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Framed. Lately I have been devoting a lot of time researching the issue of diminishing natural resources. The growing awareness and conversations about this important subject, motivated me to create a new series of works devoted to mother Earth, Gaia. The Gaia Series is a group of works in which I express my concerns about endangered species and critical places around the world that need our urgent attention. Here I tried to highlight their beauty using colorful textures that would bring to mind a sense of animal skin, land covers and vegetation. The visual rhythms I created along with blurred areas in these images, are meant to suggest movement and impermanence. My intention with this series is to humbly add my voice to those that speak out against the violence and danger threatening Mother Earth, Gaia.



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