The human soul is my greatest source of inspiration. Thus, the connections between psychology and art have been my passion and the constant subject of my paintings. I became fascinated with this theme during my practice as a clinical psychologist, an experience that helped me to infuse my art with principles based on different lines of thought in psychology (Freudian concepts, ideas from phenomenology, concepts of the psychology of Gestalt and some Jungian concepts are particularly important  to my artworks).

Since I moved to Minnesota, instead of continuing my clinical practice, I have centered my focus exclusively on painting, making it my way of stimulating people’s psychological dynamics. The intention of my work is to motivate people to creatively question what they are seeing, and to get in touch with their innermost being. For me, art is a type of embodiment in which experience creates matter that creates experience. It is a sensitive phenomenology  that awakens perception by addressing the senses directly.

I usually create series of artworks in which I explore topics related to the connections between art and psychology. In several of my oil, encaustic, mixed media and wearable artworks, for instance, I reflect on the concept of memory. My series of abstract landscapes, are a collection of memories, feelings and impressions gathered during my travels. Every landscape I create is a way to pay homage to special places I have been to, transforming them into a journey of storytelling and memoir. 

I am also particularly interested in the qualities of matter and media that make the passage of time more visible. From my perspective, the passage of time is intimately associated with a multitude of psychological dynamics and highlights the idea that the act of seeing is actually an act of comprehending. We see things not only with our brain, but also through our experience, and this experience is part of an array of psychological processes that go beyond our awareness. 

I am an unsettled artist and have explored a variety of art forms during my life. In addition to painting, I have worked intensely with wearable art. My jewelry collection is a group of wearable artworks in which I encase  fragments of my large sculptural encaustic reliefs to create necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings that express my vision of a confidence-inspiring beauty. 

Thus, in all my pieces, I seek to play with elements pertaining to the act of producing and beholding art to reflect on the connections between images and the mind.  As a psychologist, I am interested in the complex relationship between the viewer and the act of seeing. As an artist, I am deeply interested in the continuous feedback between matter and sensation that opens up perception. Images, for me, are a psychological experience of pleasure, culturally determined and socially legitimated.



PBS-TV Art Show segment aired in 2010 feauturing the work of artist Silvana LaCreta Ravena 


                     Silvana LaCreta Ravena: Embodiments of Art and Psychology / by Adam Eisenstat                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Silvana LaCreta Ravena is a versatile painter who works in oils, resin and encaustic, creating series of abstract pieces inspired by her passion for the human soul. She is fascinated by the connections between art and psychology. Their paintings and sculptural collages, meticulous in the use of color and textures, invite the viewer to dig into the layers of material hidden in these surfaces, in a poetic archeology.

She also creates wearable art collections of jewelry in which leftover fragments of her large sculptural encaustics are encased in resin, metal and leather. These leftovers are her precious stones and help her to orchestrate bold shapes in surprising angles, translating her viosion of a confidence-inspiring beauty. 


Further acquaintance with Silvana’s unique biography and the sources/inspirations behind her oeuvre reveal an artist who has deftly marshaled passion, intellectual rigor, and solid technique to create a genuinely original body of work. Originally from São Paulo, Brazil, she was born in family in which psychology and art are blended. According to Silvana, the open spirit and the generosity of her parents, along with their creativity and intuition, awakened in her and her siblings the curiosity about people’s minds and their forms expression. Both her sisters in Brazil work in film (one is a director and the other film editor), one of them being also a practicing psychologist, as well as her brother and herself.Her work as a clinical psychologist and her background as an artist inspired her to explore in more depth those areas where art and academia, theory and practice converge. She was educated as a psychologist and also holds degrees in art therapy, art history and a master’s degree in fine arts. 


She has explored a variety of art forms during her life. The work as a production designer in film and, later, video art, led to her being offered a fellowship to study art and design at New York University, which she had to decline in order to finish her psychology degree. Her favorite art form, though, has always been painting. When she was four years old her parents gave her a set of watercolors and an easel. Little did they realize the career they had set in motion, for with that easel she officially began her life as artist!


From a young age, she went to museums and galleries with her family and, according to Silvana, she can still recall the day her mother introduced her to an art book featuring works by the Italian Renascence master Raphael Sanzio: “Those images stroke me immediately”, says Silvana, “I asked my mother what that was and she told me: this is painting, my dear. From that moment on I fell totally in love with painting”. 


At the age of eight, she took her first art classes with Bernardo Cid, a well-known Brazilian painter, a seminal experience that undoubtedly laid the groundwork for her future artistic endeavors. She continued with art workshops and courses throughout her youth. With art already such a big part of her life, by the time she was ready for college she pursued a degree in psychology. This choice grew out of her interest in the connections between fine art and behavior, especially the psychological dynamics behind memory and self-expression. After earning her degree in psychology, she worked in a clinical setting for many years while pursuing degrees in art therapy and art history. 



At the time, in addition to showing her art works in art centers, she also taught art and art history. Since moving to the USA, she has established her studio in Minnesota and focused all her energy on painting. She is represented by galleries in multiple cities in the US and Brazil, has exhibited regularly in various venues throughout the US, EU and Brazil, and has received prestigious art awards in the US and Germany. Her work has also been featured in national and international art publications, in television art shows and her pieces are owned by collectors both in the US and Brazil. 


Silvana’s nontraditional combinations of techniques brings further variety to her pieces through the use of custom-made colors and additional manipulations of the materials. With different mixtures of wax and resin, for example, she creates layers in her paintings intended to bring the layers of the psyche to life; the paintings’ textures are not merely symbolized, but are present on the canvas. The work is decidedly three-dimensional and demands a live experience—it is impossible to perceive the paintings’ rich textures by seeing them online or in print only. 




The unique combination of elements Silvana LaCreta Ravena brings to her work — artistic, personal, and professional — gives her the credibility of an original. While each individual piece of hers certainly “speaks for itself,” when seen in the context of the artist’s background, ideas, and singular technique, it clearly gains a degree of vitality and significance that indicates the true measure of the work. From her first watercolor at age of four to the thesis she wrote for her last degree, her education, life experiences and her professional endeavors have been synthesized with her art practice, serving as its natural background. Adam Eisenstat, art writer, for Xanadu Gallery, AZ, USA). 





Selected Art Exhibits: 

2023   Art that Inhabits Us, group show, Art 2  curators, Bald Art Galerie, Brussels, Belgic

2023    Bandeiras e Cores entre Nós,  coletiva, Art 2 curators, Galeria n.1, Buzios, RJ, BR

2023  Olhar de Classe, coletiva, Galeria VerARte, SP, Brazil

2023    Arte que Nos Habita, coletiva, New Gallery, São Paulo, SP, BR

2023    O que te encanta em SP, coletiva, Galeria VerArte e Metro de São Paulo, SP, BR

2023    O que te encanta em SP, coletiva, Vera Simões curator, Cj. Nacional, SP-BR

2022 - 23 Noites da Floresta, solo show, Vera Simoes curator, Restaurante Cosi, SP -BR

2022    Amazonia,  coletiva, Casa Odisseia, SP, BR

2022    Modernismo, coletiva, Centro Cultural Correios,  RJ, BR

2022    Bicentenario da Independencia, Casa de Portugal, coletiva, Vera Simões curator, SP, BR

2022 Coletiva 22, Galeria VerArte, SP, Brazil

2022 Centenário do Modernismo, cj. Nacional/ Galeria VerArte, SP, Brazil

2021  Coletiva Verarte, Galeria VerArte, SP, Brazil

2021 The Soul, online group show, Larks Gallery, LA, US

2020  Archeology of Color no Metro, Galeria VerArte & Metro de São Paulo, SP, Brazil

2019  The Past as Future, Group Show, Wendy Frieze Gallerist, MN, USA

2019    Group show, Galeria VerArte, SP, Brazil, June

2018    Art of Gift, Veronique Watz Gallery, December, MN, USA, (Decembe)

2018    Fall Salon, Veronique Wantz Gallery, MN, USA, (September)

2018    Group Show, Wendy Frieze Gallerist, (November)

2018    Coletiva, Galeria Verarte, São Paulo, Brazil, (June)

2018    The Locals, Veronique Wantz Gallery, MN, USA, (February)

2017    Art & Travel Embodiments: Silvana L Ravena”, solo show, Wendy Frieze & Nash, MN, US

2017    Silvana Ravena, solo show, Colorida Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal

2107    Wanderlust,  solos show, Artwork Network Gallery, Denver, CO

2017     Summer Show, Wendy Frieze Gallerist and Nash, Minneapolis, MN ( May)

2016    The Interdimensional Series, solos show, Veronique Wantz Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

2016    Mind Your Beeswax, The Minnesota  Landscape Arboretum, Minneapolis, MN (April)

2015    Silvana LCreta Ravena: Works on Paper, solos show, collection WM, Minneapolis, USA

2015    Silvana L Ravena, solo show, Owatonna Art Center Art Axhibit, Owatonna, MN, USA 

2015    Vivid Visions: Pristas, Ravena, Botero, Artwork Network Gallery, Denver, CO, USA

2015    Summer Show, Veronique Wantz Gallery, Minneapolis, USA

2015    Vanguard Visionaires, Art Platform NYC gallery booth, ARTE EXPO New York 2015, NYC, NY, USA

2015    International Exposure, NT Gallery, Miami, FL, USA

2014    Silvana LaCreta Ravena 2014, solos show, Artwork Network Gallery, CO, USA

2014    Healing with Arts”, Hudson Hospital, WI, USA

2014    ArtExpo New York City, (Arblend Gallery booth), NYC, NY, USA 

2013    Silvana LaCreta Ravena, solos show, Artwork Network Gallery, Denver, CO, USA

2013    Summer Show: Aldo Moroni and Silvana LaCreta Ravena, Minneapolis, MN, USA                   

2013    Textured Translations”, solo show, The Phipps Center for The Arts, Hudson, WI, USA

2013     An Archeology of Color, Bloomington Center for the Arts, Bloomington, MN, USA    

2013    Arts and Healing, Westfileds Hospital, New Richmond, WI

2013    Above and Beyond, Veronique Wantz Gallery, Minneapolis, MN,  USA                      

2013    Gallery Group Show, Veronique Wantz Gallery,Minneapolis, MN, USA

2013    Eight International Artists, Artists Haven Gallery, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA

2013    Earth, 440 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA 

2012    International Artists, Artist Haven Gallery, Ft Lauderdale, FL, USA 

2012    Woman and Water Rights III: Concerning Wate”, The Phipps Center for the Arts, Hudson, WI, USA

2012    International Contemporary Masters 2012”, Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Arts, Las Vegas, NV, USA

2012    13 International, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL , USA

2011     In Search of Beauty: Abstractions by Silvana L. Ravena, solo show, Nina Bliese Gallery, Minneapolis, MN, USA 

2011     Artwork Network Gallery Features Silvana Ravena, solo show, AN Gallery, Denver, CO, USA

2011     Off The Wall, solo show, Hopkins Center for the Arts, Hopkins, MN, USA

2011     Eight Artists, Artists Haven Gallery, Ft Lauderdale, FL , USA    

2011     Consequential Fusion : Messages in Wax, Morro Bay Art Center, Morro Bay, CA, USA

2011     Abstractions, Woman Made Gallery , Chicago, IL, USA

2011     International Contemporary Artists IV, Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Arts – Las Vegas, NE, USA

2011     Woman Made Gallery Gala Fundraise Event – Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL, USA

2011     Temporality - 2011 WARM Members Exhibit, Grain Bell Bottle House, Minneapolis, , MN, USA

2011      Arizona  Aqueous, Tubac Center of the Arts, Tubac , AZ, USA   

2010     Women and Water Rights: Rivers of Regenerations II, Cascade Meadow Science Center, Rochester, MN, USA

2010     The Art of Mentorship – Ines Greenberg Gallery – Bloomington Art Center, Bloomington, MN, USA

2010     A World of Artists“, Artist Haven Gallery, (Michael Joseph curator), AH Gallery, Ft Lauderdale, FL, USA

2010     Minnetonka Center for the Arts 2010 Biennial,  (Bob Bowman curator),  MCA, Minneapolis, MN, USA 

2010     Eight International Artists”,(Michael Josephcurator), AH Gallery, Ft Lauderdale, FL, USA

2010     International Contemporar Masters III” , Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Arts,  Las Vegas, NE

2010     WARM Currents, (Beate  Minkovsky curator), NK Building, Minneapolis, MN, USA

2010     Women and Water Rights, (Lucy Lippard curator), Nash Gallery,  University of Minnesota,  Minneapolis, MN, USA  

2009     Showcase: Encaustics by Silvana LaCreta Ravena, solos show, Hopkins Center for the Arts, Hopkins, MN, USA 

2009     Memory Moves: Encaustics by Silvana LaCreta Ravena , solos show, Bohlander Gallery, Minneapolis, MN, USA 

2009     Mirando al Sur, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL, USA

2009     Travel Stories , Altered Esthetics Gallery , Minneapolis, MN, USA 

2009     The Struggle Within, Altered Esthetics, Minneapolis, MN, USA

2009     WARM Chronicles , Minneapolis, MN, USA 

2009      Sketch it out , APW Gallery , NY, USA 

2009      World of Imagination Vol.02”, APW Gallery , NY, USA              

2009      Rejected!, Altered Esthetics Gallery, Minneapolis, MN, USA

2008      Silvana LaCreta Ravena and Betsy Dollar, The Minnesota Women’s  Building , St Paul, MN, USA  

2008      Arts of the Holidays, Minnetonka Center for the Arts, MN, USA

2008      ART ATTACK 2008 , Northrup King Building, Minneapolis, MN, USA,

2008      MCA Annual Juried Exhibition, Minnetonka Center for the Art, -USA                    

2008      Art Spring  Collection 2008, Belfry Center, Minneapolis, MN , USA

2008      Bitter Fruits, Anxiety Dreams” Althered Esthetics, Minneapolis, MN, USA

2008      Midwest Sanctuary” Althered Esthetics, Minneapolis, MN, USA     

2006      Masters DegreeArt  Exhibit, Eugene Villon Space, Faculdade Santa Marcelina,  SP, Brazil                                     

2005      Women Sitting on a Bench In a Piazza, solo show, Carmen Perrone Gallery, SP, Brazil 

2001       Art  Salon of Barueri, City Hall Theatre of Barueri, SP, Brazil 

1998       II Architecture Design Exhibition” Bebedouro, SP, Brazil      

1998       Daily Scenes, Bank of Brasil,  solos show, Ribeirão Preto, SP, Brazil 

1997       Transparency  and Light, solo show,  Municipal Theatre of Bebedouro, SP,  Brazil  

1997       Interior, solo show,  Caixa Econômica Federal Bank of  Bebedouro City, SP ,Brazil

1997       Bebedouro Art Salon , City Hall  of   Bebedouro, SP, Brazil  

1996       Colors Transparencies II, Mokiti Okada Foundation, SP, Brazil


Education : Master of Fine Arts, (Santa  Marcelina College,  SP, Brazil, 2004-2006), Post Graduate degree in Art History ( Armando Alvares Penteado College, SP, Brazil, 1997-1999), Post Graduate degree in Art Therapy ( Sedes Sapientiae Institute, SP, Brazil ,1993-1996 ) ,      Bachelor of Science – Psychology, Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, SP, Brazil, 1980-1985).


Private Art Collections (partial list): Mr and Ms. Barrett, Denver, USA, Ms.  R. Elise, Belgique, EU, Ms. D. Hoffer, Denver, USA, Mr. Y. Salon, Denver, USA, Ms. L. Vincent, Minnesota, USA, Ms. K. Scully, Virginia, USA, Mr. K. Kirvida,   Minnesota, USA, Ms. M. Kunz,   Minnesota, USA, Ms. W. Frieze,  Minnesota, USA, Mrs. H. Dawe, Minnesota, USA, Mrs. and Mr. Lattu, MN, USA, Mrs. T Guedes, Colorado, USA, Mr . J Horejs, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, Mr. and Mrs. P. Angelone, MT, USA , Mr. and Mrs. J. Peppel, MN, USA, Mrs. A. Merlin, Minnesota, USA, Ms. K. Huertas , São Paulo, Brazil , Ms. M. R. Manile , São Paulo, Brazil, Mr. H. LaCreta Jr., São Paulo, Brazil, Mr. and Mrs E. Ravena, São Paulo, Brazil, Ms. M. Ravena, São Paulo, Brazil, Mr.JP. Correia, São Paulo, Brazil , Ms. C. Campanelli, São Paulo, Brazil, Ms. V. Godoy, Bebedouro, ,Brazil, Ms. R. La Creta, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Mr. and Mrs. M. Manile, São  Paulo,  Brazil, Mr and Mrs. A. Vergueiro, São Paulo, Brazil, Mr. and Mrs. H. Bule Arruda, Sao Paulo,  Brazil


Commissioned Art Works, Grants and Art Awards: Honorable Mention Award, Le Circle, Paris, France, 1stPrize, 2014, Palm Art Award, Leipzig, Germany, Award of Merit, 2013, Palm Award, Leipzig, Germany, 3rdPlace Award, 2013 Artists Haven Gallery International Fine Arts Competition, Artist Haven Gallery, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA , Artist of the Year, 2011, TOSCA magazine, Minneapolis, MN, USA, Award of Excellence, Palm-Art Award 2010, Art Domain Gallery, Leipzig, Germany, 2010  , 3rdArtslant 2010 Showcase contest – Showcase Winner Award, NC, US, 2010, 2009 Featured Artist Contest Winner, Altered Esthetics Gallery, Minneapolis, MN, USA, 2009, CAPES The Art Research Council of São Paulo- scholarship (2004-2006) , Commissioned work,  Ms. Heather D., MN, USA., Commissioned work to Mr. and Mrs. Philip and Linda A. ,Middleton, MA, USA, 2009, Commissioned work to Ms. Rosa M. , Sao Paulo, Brazil, Commissioned work to Mr. and Mrs. Mauricio and Marcia M. , Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil, 2005, Commissioned work to Cargill Brazil, SP , Brazil, 1997., Commissioned works to Art Bis Stores,  SP, Brazil,  (1993 through 1997) , Commissioned works to Cultural Department of Bebedouro  City,  SP, Brazil, 1995.


Press, Interviews and Art Publications: Interview for Veronique Wantz Gallery’s Lunch Time Reading, 2017;Art Compass  2016, Ulrich Himmelblau curator,  Whois publishers, Leipzig, Germany, 2016;Internationale Kunst Heute 2016, Martina Koelle, IKH publishing, Munchen, Germany, 2016;  Who is Who in Visual Arts 2014-15, Ulrich Goette Himmelblau, Art Domain Whois, Leipzig,

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